The Gaskins Foundation

Whitney Gaskins, Ph.D., MSQA


Delano White

Director, Cincinnati STEMulates K-12 Academy

The Gaskins Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides extraordinary opportunities for under recognized and under-represented youth. The Gaskins Foundation gives our youth resources at many stages of their academic careers as well as their creative lives. We offer comprehensive programs to help develop and foster the skill sets need to accomplish a brighter future.

The Gaskins Foundation’s mission is to present, engage, and prepare students of all ages to become leaders in STEM using algebra, programming, and design concepts. The main program of the Gaskins Foundation is STEMulates. STEMulates is a community- centered program, designed to increase the number of engineers and applied scientists in the Cincinnati area over the next 20 years.

The program was founded by Dr. Whitney B. Gaskins, who earned her doctorate in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Education and is considered a fresh new face in the field.

Delano M. White is the Executive Director of the program. He is a former Chairman and C.E.O. of the National Society of the Black Engineers. During his tenure, he focused on the NSBE 2025 plan which was designed to increase the number of students and professionals in the engineering pipeline.

Celebrating a year of STEM with our bright and talented students.