*IMPORTANT* Once you complete the application, please upload the 2017-2018 grade report for your students using our online file upload form below. Students in grades 1-12 must have a report on file in order to participate in our programs.

Upload the applicants Grade Reports here. **Please click "Send" once the file has been chosen.

Policies & Procedures


Students are required to attend all sessions. Failure to attend 3 sessions will result in removal from the program. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend as well. There will be workshops and activities held in conjunction with our programs that will offer support for parents in
developing the students.

-Zero Tolerance-

Participants will be dismissed from the program; there is a Zero Tolerance Policy for Behavior. If The Gaskins Foundation c/o Cincinnati STEMulates, in its judgment, that a participant should be dismissed from the program, a Cincinnati STEMulates committee will determine, in its discretion the need for dismissal. Dismissal from the program may result whenever, in the discretion of Gaskins Foundation c/o Cincinnati STEMulates, the participants’ presence in the program is detrimental to the program or other participants in the program, such as where behavioral problems interfere with or disrupt the program. In the event such behavioral problems occur, Gaskins Foundation c/o Cincinnati STEMulates will provide the parent/guardian with written notice of such problems; dismissal shall result after the first such notification.


By enrolling into Gaskins Foundation c/o Cincinnati STEMulates, you are showing your commitment to enhancing your future while making it enjoyable. I have read and fully understand these policies and procedures.